Vacuum Cleaners For Hardwood Floors and Kitchen Spaces


Having a kitchen does not only increase the aesthetic beauty of your house, it also increases the value of your house in general. They offer classy and aristocrat look to your room and give you a satisfaction of having the best floor panel that man can get. But as beautiful as they are, they come with an impressive cost. So, in no way you would like to cause any sort of damage to your hardwoods floor under any circumstances.

Cleaning of the kitchen:

The wood used to make those hardwoods and floor panels are generally of delicate type. They can get damaged if not handled properly. So, cleaning those hardwood floors comes as a great challenge to any of us. In that case, you have to be very careful about choosing the correct cleaning material or apparatus for your floor. You should know that most of the detergents and vacuum machines we use to clean out conventional floors may cause severe damage to your kitchen. There are, in the market, specially designed vacuum cleaners made only for cleaning of your floor.

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Differences Of Machines

eureka shark bissellThe main difference of the vacuum for floors to the conventional vacuum cleaners is that they actually weigh much less than those conventional ones. The power, wattage or size does not differ much. These vacuum cleaners come with adjustable settings and features. You can even adjust the height and the suction power of those floor cleaner vacuum cleaners to satisfy the needs of the floor. One of the best and most significant features of these kinds of vacuum cleaners is that you can actually turn off or switch off the brush roll of the vacuum cleaner. If the bristles of the brush roll are not made of finer fabrics and materials, they might cause damage to the wooden floor and can scratch the surface. These cleaners also come with an option of using rubber to avoid any kind of scratching on your floor.

I love to vacuum. There’s just something so satisfying about hearing detritus sucked up into a vacuum. Sand makes such a great sound when being vacuumed off a hardwood floor.

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Features to look at while buying :

There are particular features you should look for before buying the vacuum cleaner. A few of the most important points to look for have been mentioned below:

1. Know your floor and the flexibility of the machine:

First, you need to know the exact quality of the wood that has been used to make the floor of your house. Get to know from the contractors about the materials and general pressure that the floor can withstand. Also ask them to provide you with any such information.

Know whether the pigmentation of the wood panels may get damaged in contact with any particular kind of detergent or not. Also get to know what kind of materials or bristles may cause scratches to the surface of the floor. While buying the vacuum cleaner, avoid machines with bristles made of the material that might damage your wooden flooring.

vacuum cleaners for hardwood floorsYou need to be very sure about the flexibility you want in your new vacuum cleaner. Check whether there are many nooks and corners, heavy furniture, carpet in the room or not. If there are a number of furniture like bookshelves, sofas, tables are there in the room, then you need a vacuum cleaner with a flexible and long neck which can reach the critical spots and clean them without any hustle. The age of the vacuum cleaner operator also needs to be a concern. With respect to vacuum cleaners for hardwood floors if the user is elderly, then buy the vacuum cleaner with a longer handle and flexible enough body so that the elderly person does not need to bend a lot.

2. If you want a battery or a corded vacuum cleaner:

miele vacuumThis is another important point in selecting the right vacuum cleaner. If the room is big enough and you have to move a lot during cleaning your precious wooden floor, then you might like to have a battery operated vacuum cleaner at your disposal.

If the room is small, or you feel comfortable with a wired machine, then opting for a corded vacuum cleaner is the best for you. The corded machines also give you an extra advantage of not needing to recharge the battery. Some feel that uncomfortable to plug the machine to get recharged before using it and sit and wait idly for the machine to get recharged.

vacuum cleaners for hardwood floors

3. Mode of work and suction power and the capacity of the exhaust bag:

Decide whether you need a machine with higher suction power or with lower or base level suction power. The suction power of the vacuum cleaners also affects the price range. Usually, the machine with higher suction power tends to be bigger in size. If you want a compact machine that can be easily lifted and used for other purposes as well, then you have to settle for a vacuum cleaner with lower suction power.

backpack vacuumFor most of the users out there, they would want an exhaust bag attached to the vacuum cleaner big enough to house all the dirt and dust from the floor. The users don’t usually like to clean the exhaust bag over and over again in the middle of the cleaning procedure. So, choose a vacuum cleaner with the perfect exhaust bag which satisfies your needs. It’s obvious that you would need a machine with bigger exhaust bag if the size of your room is bigger than usual or you have children and pets in your house that are likely to make the floor dirty in a regular interval.

4. The weight of the machine:

hoover steamvacThe weight of the machine is another serious point that you must look for before buying a vacuum cleaner for your wooden floor. Usually, the wooden floors are really delicate and can’t withstand too much of weight and pressure while being cleaned. The extra weight of the machine may cause holes, dents or bends in the wood panels. This may also lead to scratches appearing on the floor. To avoid all these, know what is the optimum pressure and weight your machine could handle while being cleaned and buy your vacuum cleaner according to that.

General tips and techniques in use :

Using these vacuum cleaners is pretty simple and does not really any special skills. But, it is better to read the instructions first if you are using this kind of machine for the first time. Also, you need to know if the machine is safe for the children and the pets. A machine that comes with a child lock support is advisable to have if you have kids in your house. A few of the most important tips for using wooden floor vacuum cleaners are:

1. Chemical substances and plug in:

simplicity vacuumMake sure that the floor or the vacuum cleaner does not come in contact to any harmful or potential dangerous chemical substances. The presence of chemical substances may damage the wooden floor panel as well as the cleaner. For plug in or wired vacuum cleaners, look for a safe connection or switchboard to plug the device on. Don’t make the wire to stretch and make sure that the switch or the plug does not become loose. The most important measure you need to take is to prevent your children from reaching or coming in contact of the machine when it is running. It is advisable to take them far enough from any vacuum cleaner running on electric supply.

2. Presence of pets:

dirt devilIf you have pets in your house, then make sure that the pet does not come in contact with the vacuum cleaner when the later is on operation. Pets tend to get afraid with mechanical sound of the vacuum cleaner and may attack the machine fearing for their security. In such cases, a running machine may prove to be fatal for them, especially for pets of smaller sizes, such as puppies, cats, guinea pigs, rabbits etc. Keep your pets in their cages or in another room, preferably locked, while you run the vacuum cleaner.

3. Wet floor:

Make sure that you wipe your floor clean of any wet substances before applying the vacuum cleaner on it. The wet substance may hamper the performance of the vacuum cleaner and in most unfortunate situations, may damage the machine. Mop any spills before applying vacuum cleaner to your floor.

vacuum cleaners for hardwood floors

4. Presence of carpets:
Presence of carpets in the room demands your extra attention while cleaning the floor with vacuum cleaner. It is a possibility that the carpet in your room is exquisite and range pretty high, so you would not want any damage to occur to your precious carpets. But the vacuum cleaners used to clean wooden floorboards are not ideal for carpet cleanings.

cordless vacuumThey might cause serious damage to the materials of the carpet. So, if you become careless while cleaning the wooden floor with vacuum cleaner, there lies a chance that the vacuum cleaner might catch the carpet in its action and damage that. To avoid such circumstances, you need to be very careful, and if possible, roll your carpet and put aside before starting to clean your floor up.

Specifications :

shark vacuumBefore buying any machine, one must do is to get to know about the machine’s specifications. Any electrical machine can offer a variety of specifications and the variety depends most upon the requirements of the users. The basic specifications that you need to look for before buying the vacuum cleaner for your wooden floor are:

  • The airflow. This is generally measured in cubic feet per minute or litres per second. This is the measurement of the suction or inlet of the vacuum cleaner per unit time.
  • Air speed of the machine which is measured generally in metres per second and in case of bigger machines as miles or kilometers per hour.
  • The actual suction power of the machine or the capacity of water lifting, measured usually in inches of water or Pascals.
  • The amount of noise the machine emits, which is measured in decibels.
  • Weight of the machine which is measured in pounds or kilograms.
  • If the machine has extra nozzle or power cords then the length of the power cord and the length of the suction nozzle.
  • The energy consumption by the vacuum cleaner.
  • The capacity of the internal battery and the approximate runtime of the battery in case the machine is battery operated etc.

Attachments coming with the complete package:

Like any other electrical appliance, the vacuum cleaner for your wooden floor comes with a complete package with other accessories along with it. Among these attachments the most common and the important ones are:

  • A dusting brush, which is used for general dusting and can be used on other delicate products other than the wooden floor, thus giving the vacuum cleaner a universal usability.
  • A powered floor nozzle especially made for the wooden floor of your house. This nozzle is made keeping in mind the delicacy of your wooden floor. This powered nozzle is a perfect tool to wipe out any dust or dirt sticking to your floor. But this tool cannot be used for any stain removal operations.
  • To remove the stains and marks from your wooden floor, there is the tool named as hard floor brush. This tool comes in different specifications and you can choose the one that suits you the best. Choose this tool very carefully keeping in mind the delicacy and specification of the wood used in your floor. Take the brush made with the material which would not scratch the wood of your floor.
  • A handle that can be attached to the machine which acts like a normal holding handle. For people who has problem with their knees and back and feel uncomfortable while bending forward, this handle can be attached to the main body of the vacuum cleaner to give them a better user experience.

Bottom Line:

Choosing the vacuum may be an issue, but after following the general tips, the task should become simple enough. Be gentle with your machine as well as your floor and the cleaning results will surely astonish you.
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